Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Dollar Store Fabulosity

Ok, so "fabulosity" is probably a made up word, I'm not really sure, but I think it applies.  A couple of months ago I did a shabby chic dollar store bird makeover.  Well, today I'm bringing you another great dollar store project.  The inspiration for this came from Pick Your Plum when their item for sale one day was a small sheet of metal.  In one of the pictures they had it decoupaged with paper and displayed as a magnet board.  I thought it was super cute, but too small to be of any real use.  It needed to be bigger.  So I started thinking how to get a larger sheet of metal on the cheap, and I thought of cookie sheets.  With a coat of spray paint on them it wouldn't matter what kind of grungy shape they were in, so they would be a great thrift store find.

  I stored all this info away in my lil' noggin'.

A few days later I realized my niece's 3rd birthday was coming up and I would need a gift for her.  My sister has been in the process of redoing her room into a big girl room with lavenders, white, and green.  My ol' wheels started turnin' and things started clickin'.  I knew I had the perfect set of scrapbook paper that I had been saving for just the right thing.  So I decided to tackle this project.

But, of course, when I wanted an old grungy cookie sheet they weren't to be had.  So, I just picked this one up at the dollar store guessed it....$1. 

Hubster drilled the holes for me and I gave it a few good coats of ivory spray paint.  Here it is pictured with the papers I've had FOREVER.  Now they had the perfect use.  I found the green ribbon in my stash, too.
(I wasn't worried about the middle/front area being painted too well because I knew it would be covered by paper)

I just eyeballed the sizes of paper I would need, and ripped them out so that they'd have an uneven edge.  I rounded the corners to fit nicely, punched holes to fit over the drilled holes, and inked the inner edges of the torn paper.

Then I Mod Podged it on.  Again, this is for a 3 year old, so I went ahead and did another coat of Mod Podge over the top, too, to help protect it.

I scrounged through all my embellishments trying to find something to make cute magnets out of.  I finally settled on some typography type word squares.  Incidentally, just a couple of days before this I bought a large tub of craft stuff at a yard sale for $5 and in it was the perfect amount of magnets I needed for this project!

And here she is all finished. 

I put a picture of my daughter and the birthday girl (BFF cousins who miss each other VERY much!) that was taken a couple of years ago under the "Remember When" magnet, and added a little note.  And yes, "Wild Thing" is befitting. She's a very energetic, go-getter, tree climbin', monkey girl!  : )

After I completed my project, I Googled the idea to see if there were more like it out there in the crafty world, and yes.........there are tons.  The idea was not original apparantly.  There was a really cute one for a Christmas Advent calendar that I'd love to make some time.

So, any hoo, cost breakdown of this birthday present:

Cookie Sheet - $1
Scrapbook Paper - $0 (had on hand), spray paint - $0
Ribbon - $0, Mod Podge - $0
Magnets/Embellishments - $0

Total Price:

Beautiful and cheap.  See, I told you, FABULOSITY!!

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  1. I really like this idea! I'm going to featured it on next week's Thrifty Thursday! :)

  2. Such a cute idea, I love it! Can't believe you got this look for only a dollar. I love when that happens. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my restroom tile post. Yes, I love that I was able to get this look at such a low price. :)


  3. You did such a great crafty and frugal gift!! It is very pretty and Monkey Girl loves magnets!!

  4. Hi Stephanie, I am your newest follower, I love your dollar store ideas!
    have a great day,
    p.s. I would love for you to visit my blog!

  5. So cute! I am your newest follower! I saw you featured at Thrifty Decorating. Please visit me sometime!

  6. You are one crafty lady!!! Love this idea and the "price is right" ... Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving a nice comment.
    Audrey Z.


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